The TL7™ suite of e-Health test tools makes HL7 easy

Test Level 7 (TL7) is a robust messaging test sandbox that allows e-Health application developers to thoroughly check their HL7 messages in development. And TL7 is multi-user, multi-jurisdictional and very cost effective.

TL7 has been designed for developers, QA testers, business analysts and anyone involved in building or implementing e-Health applications. Build messages, respond to message requests, and understand how applications work -- all from one sandbox.

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White paper

White paper: HL7 Test Sandbox

Easing the pain of e-Health development

What makes HL7 integration hard? In this white paper, we discuss some of the aspects of HL7 integration that are more complex than most developers expect.

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Case study 1

Case study: Harder Software

Ian Harder of Harder Software Ltd. is an e-Health consultant working with a large, international retailer with a national pharmacy chain in Canada.

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Case study 2

Case study: MedRunner

MedRunner Health Solutions is a Canadian e-Health company that supports the development of healthcare-related ICT solutions. The company's core product is an electronic prescribing solution that can be accessed through the Internet on a desktop or from a mobile application.

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